sábado, agosto 27, 2005

"Come, we must return..."

- (...) "Who was that shape in the shadows? Whose is that face in the mask?"

- "Damn you! You little prying pandora! You little demon! Is this what you wanted to see? Curse you! You little lying delilah! You little viper! Now you cannot ever be free, Damn you! Curse you!"

"(...) Fear can turn to love
You'll learn to see to find the man behind the monster
This repulsive carcass who seems a beast
But secretly Dreams of beauty
Secretly, secretly..."


Blogger A said...

o fantasma, quase no final, revelou-se, ser mesmo, um monstro, mas mesmo no final...

29 agosto, 2005 22:09  
Blogger Diana said...

Na minha opinião, ele nunca enganou ninguém... nem no princípio, quando é suposto tudo ser bonito...

31 agosto, 2005 17:34  

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