quarta-feira, setembro 14, 2005

Tick Tock...

"Let's say I'm feeling better ...
Let's say I'm feeling fine ...
Let's say I gave you all I had ...
And now I'm out of time ...

And my best wasn't good enough

And now there's time to wonder
Now there's time to heal
Time to let it all come down
But I don't know what I feel
But it aches and it hurts and it burns
Oh it kills me


Now don't you call me baby
Just don't pretend you care
Save your sorry for yourself
When Judas takes you there, oh yeah

Once I really believed
There was nothing out there for the lost and lonely
But a voice in my head kept banging on my heart
Says you're not the only one

But it kills me ...

Tick, tock, you don't stop
You don't fade
You just stay
But I'll do it all again"


Blogger Tanya said...

Mmm, I can relate to that one. :P
(no hablo espanol, blaaaaah.. necesito estudio maaas..! >__< ) Greetings. Blog looks interesting, but I can't read it. T__T

14 setembro, 2005 01:42  
Blogger Diana said...

espanhol? Claro, espanhol, espanhol... pode ser, tudo bem. Eu aceito tudo.

14 setembro, 2005 01:59  

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