segunda-feira, novembro 28, 2005

A Waltz for a sunset...

Memories are wonderful things, if you don't have to deal with the past.

J: Oh, God, why weren't you there, in Vienna?
C: I told you why.
J: Well, I know why, I just - I wish you would have been. Our lives might have been so much different.
C: You think so?
J: I actually do.
C: Maybe not. Maybe, we would have hated each other eventually.
J: Oh what, like we hate each other now?
C: You know, maybe we're - we're only good at brief encounters, walking around in European cities in warm climate.

Memories are never finished as long as you are alive.
C: Baby, you are gonna miss that plane.
J: I know.
- A Waltz for a night -
Let me sing you a waltz / Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts / Let me sing you a waltz / About this one night stand / You were, for me, that night / Everything I always dreamt of in life / But now you're gone / You are far gone / All the way to your island of rain / It was for you just a one night thing / But you were much more to me, just so you know / I hear rumours about you / About all the bad things you do / But when we were, together, alone / You didn't seem like a player at all / I don't care what they say / I know what you meant for me that day / I just want another try, I just want another night / Even if it doesn't seem quite right / You meant for me much more than anyone I've met before / One single night with you, little J, is worth a thousand with anybody / I have no bitterness, my sweet / I'll never forget this one night thing / Even tomorrow in other arms, my heart will stay yours until I die / Let me sing you a waltz / Out of nowhere, out of my blues / Let me sing you a waltz / About this lovely one night stand
Obrigada, P. I'm so going to miss that plane... forever.


Anonymous Vik said...

pra criar uma conta precisa pagar?

28 novembro, 2005 17:26  
Blogger Diana said...

Desta é que eu não estava à espera. Mas a resposta é "não".

29 novembro, 2005 14:48  
Anonymous p said...

De nada!Agora tenho de arranjar o outro...

29 novembro, 2005 22:48  
Blogger Diana said...

Ah pois tens, pois tens... :P

30 novembro, 2005 15:10  

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